Britain’s Got Talent: Simon’s back for the semis

As Britain’s Got Talent goes live, the hopefuls must impress TV’s toughest judge…

Are you pleased to be returning to the panel for the live semi-finals?

“I’ve enjoyed producing Britain’s Got Talent this year and not doing the auditions, but I’m really looking forward to being at the live semi-finals. I’m not going to see any rehearsals, I’m just going to walk into the live shows each night and judge!”

What’s your response to reports that ratings have dwindled for Britain’s Got Talent this year?

“Britain’s Got Talent is still getting 11.5 million people watching every week, which is very good news. People are clearly still enjoying the show and that’s fantastic!”

What do you make of the acts this year and who do you think will stand out in the semis?

“There are some good acts, but there have also been some ridiculous decisions! I think the talent is better this year than last year and I think young singer Ronan Parke is very good.”

We hear you’ve spent £1 million on revamping the show’s set to make this year’s finals the best ever…

“The acts will be produced better on the live shows this year. You’ve got to keep making good TV. I know what makes a good show – and Britain’s Got Talent is a good show!”

*The live semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent start on Monday, May 30 at 7.30pm on ITV, showing every night until Saturday’s grand final.

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