Britain’s Got Talent: The favourites talk!

We talk to some of the stand-outs in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent…

Name: Stevie Starr Age: 47 Talent: Professional regurgitator

“Auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent was like the clock had rewound and I was 19 again. I kept thinking: ‘It’ll be so humiliating if I get buzzed.’ That was what prevented me from auditioning before. It was such a relief when I walked off with three yesses!

“It’d be really good if I make it to the semi-finals. The publicity helps and lets people see it’s not just someone who swallows things and brings them up – it’s an actual show, which is very funny. I’m sure there are a lot of things in the act as a whole the Queen would enjoy, but she’d probably say: ‘Is this what Britain has to offer?!'”

Name: Janey Cutler Age: 81 Talent: Singer

“I started singing aged six. Then after a few years I stopped and I didn’t start again until I was 50. I sing at our local servicemans’ club, it’s just down the road, anyone can go up on stage and sing.”

“I’d love to reach the semi-finals as it’d mean I get to sing again. I like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Shirley Bassey – all the greats. I’d like to sing a song I know and hope the audience like it. I have not thought about the final. But it would be wonderful – and an honour – to perform at the Royal Variety Performance.”

Name: Josh Barry Age: 16 Talent: Singer

”I remember thinking as I started singing, ‘This is so weird!’ But I laughed at myself and just got on with it. I didn’t want to waste a moment. It’s not every day you sing in front of 4000 people. Everyone is scared of Simon, but I hoped because I was nice to him he might be nice back. The whole thing was very surreal. In fact, hearing Simon Cowell say my name was by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever encountered.

“The final is the day before my birthday, so to win would be the best birthday present ever and to sing in front of the Royal Family would be the icing on the cake.”

Name: Jimmy Ford Age: 75 Talent: Irish Dancer

“I thought if you’re going to do something, do it right – so we got my outfit tailor-made. It cost about £200, but it’s green velvet with white silk edging and it’s first class. And my green beard is the most talked about beard in the country!

“I was disappointed when I heard Simon wasn’t at my audition, but when they said Louis was replacing him I cheered up. He’s a lovely character. When I saw him my eyes lit up. I’ve already reached the ultimate dream of getting to do my Irish dancing on television in front of millions of people, so it would be unbelievable to keep going. I would love to perform in front of the Queen, but I think that’s like asking me to be Superman and fly!”

Name: Martin Crabble Age: 34 Talent: Cruise ship entertainer Kevin Cruise

“I didn’t even care that Simon buzzd me. I was in the full swing of the YMCA – all the audience were joining in and everyone was loving it. People do go on cruises and Simon should go on one himself in my opinion. I can just see him in his Bermuda shorts and little vest top!

“If I get through to the live semi-finals my act will be a huge celebration of cruising! I would like to take it back to a bit of the old Morecambe and Wise, end of the pier stuff. It’s all about having a laugh, losing your inhibitions and putting the variety back into a variety show!”

Name: Ashley Glazebrook & Glen Murphy Age: 19 Talent: Dancers Twist & Pulse

“We came up with this dance and everybody seemed to like it so we carried on as Twist and Pulse from there. Every show we did, we always had people afterwards saying, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’s the perfect thing for you.’

“Simon Cowell is scary. We walked out and he was the first person we saw and he looked grumpy! The stage is so big and the judges look like giants… We felt like we were from that film A Bug’s Life. But as soon as we start dancing we go into our own world and it took over. If we do get a chance to perform again, we’re definitely going to change some things up and think of new routines and new gimmicks. We need to aim higher and push our boundaries.”

Name: Paul Burling Age: 40 Talent: Impressionist

“I started in the kitchens at Pontins in Norfolk. I’d do Tommy Cooper impressions while I mopped the floor! Then I met Robbie Williams’ dad. I was a barman and word got around that I had this talent. Robbie’s dad, Pete Conway asked me to join his act. We worked together for a few months and it was great.”

*Watch BGT on Saturday, May 29, to see if they made it through to the semi-finals!

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