The forthcoming series of Britain’s Got Talent is set to feature a new twist in the shape of the ‘golden buzzer’ – which can send any act straight through to the live shows.

According to reports the buzzer can be used if any judge finds an act particularly brilliant – thus saving them from having to be put through to the pre-finals stage.

However the judges will only have the chance to use their golden buzzer once during the auditions.

If they do the stage will erupt in lights and music, while glitter will fall to indicate the lucky hopeful has made it to the finals.

A source explained: “Given how there’s often a lot of disagreement on the judging panel, this is sure to stir things up.

“Last year Amanda and Alesha walked off set during auditions after Simon and David refused to vote for a dance  act which they thought deserved to go through to the next round. If this happened again, one of the girls could automatically give the act a place.

The insider added: “Also, David is known for championing some of the quirkier acts, much to Simon’s frustration — and will no doubt end up pressing it just to wind him up.”

Auditions for the next series of Britain’s Got Talent, which begins this spring, are due to kick off this weekend in Belfast.