Bruce Forsyth slates BGT for kid acts

Bruce Forsyth has spoken out against the decision to include child acts on Britain’s Got Talent – saying younger performers should have their own show.

The 85-year-old Strictly Come Dancing host suggested that putting kids through the trauma of having to perform for the judges – and possibly face rejection – was too much for some, especially when their nerves got the better of them.

“To put little children through that kind of an ordeal, I think that is wrong,” Bruce said.

“I think it was last year some poor little girl of about 11 was crying her eyes out on there. I don’t think that’s entertainment.”

He added: “I don’t think they should put children on that are too young. If you’re going to do that, have a separate show, British Children Have Talent.”

Meanwhile Bruce revealed that despite having hinted at quitting Strictly Come Dancing – or scaling back his commitments to the show – he would “definitely” be back when the series returns in the autumn.

“I’m meeting the BBC bosses next week,” he told the Mirror. “We’ll be finalising it, I’m doing it and I’m looking forward to it.”

Bruce is due to head out on tour next month, with several dates across the UK including a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall on June 3.


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