Collabro: We want to show the world what we’ve got!’

Collabro have revealed their plans for world domination, after they were crowned this year’s winners of Britain’s Got Talent.

The operatic boyband – Michael Auger, Thomas Redgrave, Jamie Lambert, Richard Hadfield and Matt Pagan – beat opera singer Lucy Kay and teenage rap duo Bars And Melody to triumph in the eighth series of the ITV talent show.

Richard said: “We want to tour the world and take it beyond what we’ve done right now. We want to bring out an album and show the world what we’ve got.

“We want to do this for the rest of our lives. We hope this really launches us into the world of entertainment and performing and hopefully we can keep doing this for as long as we can.”

The group, who formed only a month before their first audition for the show, impressed the judges and public with their harmonic renditions of Les Miserables songs, Stars and Bring Him Home.

Jamie said: “It’s absolutely incredible. When we started out, we never thought we would get so far.”

Collabro, who plan to celebrate their win with a ‘champagne shower’, thanked their followers whom they dubbed ‘Collaborators’ for their success. They received more than a quarter of the public vote in the June 7 final.

“They’re not so much girl fans as older women fans. We’ve had a few lingerie pictures – a lot of them are from mature women,” Jamie told The Sun. “It’s weird when you’re on the Tube looking at your notifications and a naked picture comes up and you’re like ‘Oh!'”

Bandmate Michael added: “One woman messaged me saying she wanted to lure me into a hotel room and do all these different things.”