Dancing dogs and pensioners dominate BGT

Dancing dogs, pensioners and a rapper with a difference were among the acts that stood out on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent, as auditions reached London and Birmingham.

And Simon Cowell finally got his wish this week, as a talented canine took to the stage to show off some impressive choreography.

Pudsey, who was joined by teenage owner Ashleigh, wowed the judges and the audience with their Flintstones-themed routine, which saw the pet dancing on his hind legs and jumping over his human partner.

“You know me, I love a dancing dog,” Simon said afterwards, “and Pudsey was one of the best dancing dogs I have ever seen.”

And David Walliams added, “Everything about that was brilliant…I was completely blown away.”

Joining the pair in the next round were singing pensioners The Zimmers, whose combined age of over 3000 didn’t stop them from impressing the judges with their rapping skills.

The group – who previously found fame in 2007 in a BBC documentary, and who previously released their cover version of The Who’s My Generation – took on the Beastie Boys classic Fight For Your Right To Party this time around, with spectacular results.

“I loved you guys, you are awesome,” said guest judge Carmen Electra, while Alesha Dixon added, “You guys are inspiring, that was brilliant.”

Another act making a big impression on Saturday night was 49-year-old Zipparah Tafari – aka Mr Zip – whose self-penned rap Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone not only had the audience singing along but was trending on Twitter within minutes of being broadcast.

After telling the judges, “Everyone loses their keys and their phone…even Prince Charles can relate,” Zipparah succeeded in winning all four of them over.

“At first I thought you were annoying,” Simon said, “then you got more annoying, then I liked you.” Alesha added, “You have been the highlight of my day so far.”

Other acts who made it through on Saturday’s show included 18-year-old Chelsea Redfern – who made it to the boot camp stage of The X Factor in 2011, and who won her way through with her rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain. “You sound just like a popstar and you look like a popstar,” Simon said, while David added, “You could be a superstar.”

Violinist Annaliza Ching also made it through to the next round, as did dance troupe Four Corners – consisting of fourteen male performers and one female, and who were described by Alesha as “a breath of fresh air…fantastic”.

However not everybody did quite so well, with dance troupe Twisted Disco among those sent packing after Simon said they looked like “eight Jodie Marshes on a normal day out shopping”.

And Richard Bologni followed in the footsteps of last weekend’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy with a song he had written for a mystery woman – only his effort wasn’t nearly as well received.

Despite claiming that his microphone was too loud and made his voice “sound weird”, there was no reprieve for the would-be pop star. “With the greatest respect it’s not the mic,” Simon said. “Seriously, it was out of tune and it was badly written.”