David Walliams ‘flirted’ with the Prime Minister

David Walliams has said he fell into one of his Little Britain characters and flirted with the Prime Minister on a recent visit to Downing Street.

The comedian told The Sun he couldn’t help taking on the mannerisms of his sketch show character Sebastian, a smitten Prime Minister’s aide, when he visited David Cameron for a Unicef hunger campaign.

David said: “Because I’m taller than him, I offered to stand on a lower step so we wouldn’t look odd together – he’s a tall man, but I’m ridiculously tall.

“He’s the Prime Minister so he should be the one who is most powerful-looking. He told me not to flick my hair like my character Sebastian in Little Britain, who flirted with the PM relentlessly.

“And, of course, I immediately did it. It’s almost like I’ve got Tourette’s. When I’m told not to do something, I have to do it.”

David recently completed his second series as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, where he has struck up a firm friendship with Simon Cowell.

He said: “There’s one big ego on that show, but even that can be pricked. Simon’s brilliant fun. People think of him as being serious and pompous, but he’s really not and he doesn’t take himself seriously.

“He said to me, ‘Really, what have you ever done? I’ve changed the face of popular culture.’ I said, ‘Yeah, for the worse’. And he went, ‘Well, I still changed it’.

“He’s got a very healthy attitude to life, but he needs to get married or settle down soon, otherwise he is going to become Peter Stringfellow. I know lots of men would like to be Peter Stringfellow, but I want my Simon to be happy and settled with a nice lady soon.”


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