David Walliams: Schoolteacher inspired my career

David Walliams has revealed that he credits a former English teacher for inspiring him to launch an acting career.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge – who sprang to fame alongside Matt Lucas on Little Britain said that when he was 11 he was cast as Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I in a production at Collinwood Boys School.

And he admitted that it was that more than anything which helped him to realise his ambitions.

“For me it was a real ‘Eureka!’ thing. Quite unexpectedly I got laughs. I suddenly felt I was on some kind of road that I wasn’t aware of before,” he told the TV Times.

“I was definitely thinking, ‘Oh right, that’s what I want to do. I want to get on the stage again.’

He added: “The English teacher who asked me to be in the play probably saw me acting up in his English lesson and thought, ‘Oh yes, he’s got a little spark of the performer about him’.”

“I feel grateful because you never know whether you’ll find your path and I was definitely shown it.”

David will reveal more about his acting debut in the ITV show Snapshot In Time, which will be screened on Thursday June 6.