Britain’s Got Talent newcomer David Walliams has reportedly proven a hit at the first set of auditions for the series – with a string of one-liners aimed at fellow judge Simon Cowell.

The Little Britain star poked fun at the mogul during the try-outs at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester, as well as taking potshots at One Direction and The X Factor.

At one point when Simon told an act they needed to be more ‘showbizzy’ David hit back with, “Yeah, have a bit of work done, become friends with Louis Walsh, go on holiday with Sinitta, have your picture taken with your top off and some fruit in your mouth.”

He also mocked his scathing remarks to a boyband who auditioned, saying, “I like that you’re five young guys and you’re not One Direction. Not everyone likes One Direction.”

And when Simon started questioning a female singer David remarked, “Why don’t you just go on X Factor, because Simon doesn’t do X Factor any more.”

Simon later took to Twitter to sum up his feelings about the day, calling the comedian “insane”, and also commenting on the auditions themselves, saying, “think we found a star but won’t give it away.”

A source told the Sunday Mirror that David had been “hilarious” and added, “To be honest it was brilliant to see Simon on the receiving end for once.”

“Although he was the butt of a few gags, Simon took it in very good spirits,” the source added.”He actually likes it when people are brave enough to make fun of him.

“The dynamics of the new judging panel are brilliant. There will be a lot of laughs in this series.”