Diversify deny falling out with Simon Cowell

Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity have denied rumours of a rift with Simon Cowell, insisting they were still ‘working closely’ with his label.

Speaking after they startled passers-by by performing live with 100 street dancers in Covent Garden, central London, Ashley Banjo, 20, dismissed suggestions that Cowell was focusing his efforts on fellow finalist Susan Boyle rather than on the group.

“There have been a whole lot of rumours going around about how we have been dumped by Simon Cowell, which is completely untrue,” said Ashley.

“We are still working closely with his label, Syco, and they are kind of co-managing us with our own management. We are working on projects and they’re helping us with the tour we want to get together.”

Thursday’s performance, which drew an audience of hundreds, featured 100 young dancers alongside Banjo and the other members of Diversity. Their bid to teach the boys the choreographed moves in just two weeks will air on newTV channel Disney XD in early September.

Banjo, whose brother Jordan also dances with Diversity, said: “It was a big challenge. There was a big variation of ages and abilities, but it all worked out really well.”

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