Diversity ‘stunned’ by Britain’s Got Talent win

An ‘overwhelmed’ Diversity remained stunned at their shock victory in the Britain’s Got Talent final.

The dance group from Essex, said Scottish singer Susan Boyle, long time favourite to win the competition, had been gracious in defeat and even swapped some dance moves with them backstage.

The group’s choreographer Ashley Banjo, 20, said: “I didn’t expect it, really didn’t expect to win at all. I thought there’s no chance at all. We were just going to do our best.”

Bookies avoided huge payouts with Susan’s surprise defeat.

Ashley went on: “She was so gracious about it, she said the best act won and backstage she said she saw something special. She was so nice about it.”

He said he is confident she would have a ‘great career’ anyway.

Group member Terry Smith, 24, volunteered to kiss the 48-year-old spinster who reportedly had her first smooch with judge Piers Morgan.

While the 11-member troupe seemed taken aback at the sudden media attention, they joked as they spoke to journalists and showed an obvious affection for one another.

The group includes three sets of brothers.

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