Faryl Smith: ‘I’ll never sing pop’

Britain’s Got Talent contestant Faryl Smith has said she will never leave classical music for pop.

Faryl, who signed a £2.3m record deal with Universal Music after the show, has said she would resist any attempts from her label to move her career in a more mainstream direction.

She said: “I would never ever move into pop, I always want to stay classical so I wouldn’t let them.

“I just really enjoy singing classical music and I think it’s quite different for a younger girl singing classical music.”

She added: “I do listen to pop music, obviously, because I’m 13 but I enjoy singing classical music because I’ve been brought up with it.”

Faryl wowed the British public with her renditions of Ave Maria and Amazing Grace on the talent show but eventually lost out to break-dancer George Sampson.

She holds no grudges though, and said: “Everyone was really glad when George won it, he really deserved it and like he said, he really needed it as well.”

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