George Sampson will be flicking onto both The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent.

The StreetDance 2 star – who was crowned the winner of Britain’s Got Talent in 2008 – said that he is intrigued to see how BBC’s new talent show will match up against Simon Cowell’s award-winning programme.

“I will most definitely be watching – I’ll be flicking through The Voice as well. It’s a difficult one,” he said.

George, who currently stars in the StreetDance sequel alongside Tom Conti and Sofia Boutella, revealed the ITV show has changed his life.

“I had to grow up really fast. Before Britain’s Got Talent, it was more about showing off and doing my thing, but now it’s more about doing what other people want,” he continued.

“It’s changed me for the better. I’ve become a lot more mature and I’ve grown up for it.”

The 18-year-old dancer advises contestants to believe in themselves, no matter what the judges say.

“Just be confident about being there because you do what you do. Look past the judges and look past the audition process. You’ve gone there because you think you have a talent, nobody can tell you otherwise,” he said.

“You’re there because you believe and if you don’t believe, the moment you ‘lose face’ in a sense, you’re done. When your confidence goes, everything will drop and that’s when things will go horribly wrong.

“If the judges don’t like it, go away, just keep training and don’t let anyone tell you you’re no good.”