Gordon Brown: ‘Britain wants Diversity not BNP’

Prime Minister Gordon Brown hailed Diversity’s win on Britain’s Got Talent as a sign that voters didn’t support the ‘outrageous’ policies of the right wing British National Party.

The 11-strong dance troupe, whose members are black, white and mixed race, beat off stiff competition from contest favourite Susan Boyle in the final of the ITV1 talent show on Saturday night.

He said: “You have got Diversity coming in – a great example of diversity in our country – who have won, and people have said the greatest act in Britain’s Got Talent, and at the same time you have got a party that is practising racism.

“I really don’t think that is what the British public wants to see and I have got a duty to point out to people what that party stands for.”

He further praised Diversity, saying they were “an amazing success for Britain and that will go right round the world”.

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