Got Talent sets record as most popular reality show in the world

It is not just Britain that’s got talent, Simon Cowell’s creation has set a record after becoming the most popular reality show in the world.

The show has set a Guinness World Record with 59 different versions being made in 58 different territories – including two in Belgium. Among the most recent countries to make their own version are Kazakhstan, Brazil, Moldova and Iceland.

Simon said: “I am very proud that Got Talent is a home-grown British show. We owe its success to a group of very talented producers all over the world who have made this happen. And, of course, amazing talent.”

The previous record holder was the hit BBC ballroom show Strictly Come Dancing, which has been sold to 38 countries as Dancing With The Stars, including America, India, Japan and Chile.

Guinness World Records president Alistair Richards said: “We are delighted to confirm that Got Talent has broken the previous world record and is now the official Guinness World Record holder for the most successful reality television format, a landmark moment in television record-breaking history. Congratulations.”

The show has made stars of contestants including Susan Boyle, who has sold more than 20 million records since appearing in front of the judges. Other acts who have benefited from the exposure include a Syrian dance troupe who appeared on Arabs Got Talent, an artist who painted with sand on Poland’s Got Talent and an acrobatic sword swallower from Russia’s Got Talent.


Press Association