Isaac Waddington shines as Britain’s Got Talent continues

Was it just us or were most of the acts in the third set of auditions pretty flipping poor?

If you look at the 15 acts that we saw on this week’s Britain’s Got Talent, there were only three that you could call outstanding.

Towards the end of part two, it wasn’t just Simon who was losing the will to live. We’d seen two terrible singers in the form of Vince Venus and Paul Netterfield, Bill Picton-Jenkins trying to tell as many jokes (they weren’t jokes) in a minute and Matty Hunt – aka Musical Ruth – dressed as a nun playing a piano on wheels. We like the idea of the latter act but it was just a shame that he couldn’t sing! There was one act in the middle of it all – Lisa Sampson – who wowed the judges with her hula-hooping skills, but we’re still not sure it was a great act.

The same could be said for Hypno Dog and her ‘assistant’ Krystyna. Okay, so the pooch can hypnotise folk just by looking at them but is it entertainment? 

So it wasn’t until the end of part two when we finally saw some true talent in the form of 15-year-old Isaac Waddington from Portsmouth. His rendition of She’s Always A Woman To Me by Billy Joel was amazeballs so it’s no wonder he got four yeses from the judges. In the bit of video before his performance, Isaac’s brother got us all choked up by saying what great mates they were and that he wished he was as talented as his big bro. Sniff! And he wasn’t just being biased – Isaac really is talented. Here’s a song he wrote himself…

Next came another slick act – the 25-piece dance crew known as IMD. These kids, aged between 9 and 18 years old, are from East London and their moves got a resounding four yeses from the judges so we’ll definitely be seeing them again. Which is more than can be said for 43-year-old dad Andy Davis who screeched out Tragedy by The Bee Gees and Feng Xue who just went round and round on little skateboards while Susan Boyle sang You Raise Me Up! We won’t be seeing those two again. With any luck!

Like Musical Ruth, the next act held a lot of promise. But while Mister Sister – a 36-year-old drag artist from Barnsley – got everyone roaring with laughter with her/his can can, we’re not sure it was as polished as it could have been. That said, it was good old fashioned entertainment.

The show ended with two choirs, which meant, obviously, that one was going to be bad and one was going to be amazing. 

The idea of an all-female acapella singing group featuring women of all ages singing a medley of Madonna songs sounds good on paper but Affinity’s execution left a lot to be desired. It’s safe to say their arrangement was all over the place. 

As they quickly received buzzes from all four judges, the other choir, Revelation Avenue, were in the wings worrying that the same fate awaited them. They needn’t have worried though because their performance of Katy Perry’s Roar was an absolute belter. Not only did they get four yeses, but Amanda decided to hit the golden buzzer to put the group through to the live shows!







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