Louis damns ‘pompous’ Piers with faint praise

Louis Walsh doesn’t rate Piers Morgan as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent – but wouldn’t mind being a regular on the show himself.

X Factor panellist Louis found himself next to Piers and Amanda Holden when he sat in for a sick Simon Cowell during the Birmingham auditions of the ITV talent contest.

“Piers is terribly pompous but he’s fun,” Louis said. “I think he’s a good journalist, but I don’t think he’s a great judge on the show. But he’s a nice man.

“I loved Amanda, she’s a good judge.”

Louis, currently the face of Tango Fake Tan wipes, would love the opportunity to join the show because he enjoyed it.

“That was great fun. I would love to do it. I just want to be working, I’m quite happy to be working anywhere with anyone,” he said.

He could get the chance, if rumours that Simon may not take part in next year’s auditions are true, although Louis has his doubts.

“Simon says these things every year but you’ll find he will be sitting there next year with that same hairdo, the same T-shirt. The teeth will be even whiter, but he will be there next year.”

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