Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Darcy Oake says it would be incredible if he was the first magician to ever make it through to the final of BGT.

Darcy, 26, stunned BGT fans with his act with doves in the audition, earning a rave review from Simon Cowell, while his performance has been streamed more than 23 million times on YouTube, a figure that the Canadian describes as ‘nuts’.

He told What’s on TV why he chose to appear on Britain’s Got Talent. “The Got Talent format is everywhere. There’s America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, there was Canada’s Got Talent for a year, that was a fail… Britain’s Got Talent is the biggest one. I figured if I’m going to do one I may as well do the biggest one and honestly at the time, my train of thought was, if I get X’d off and this is terrible, hopefully my friends at home won’t see it!”

Instead, viewers loved it and he finds himself in the semi-finals. So what does he plan for that? “I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but it’s totally different from my initial audition, which I’m excited about because it shows a different side to magic as an art. The first one was sleight of hand, manipulation, this one will be more illusion, that’s all I’ll say.”

And if Darcy made it to the final? “No magician has ever made it to the final, that would be an incredible experience, but like I said before I’m still just trying to wrap my head around being here now!”

Darcy is expected to perform in tonight’s first semi-final on iTV at 7.30pm.

Watch our chat with Britain’s Got Talent star Darcy Oake: