Michael McIntyre has hit out at his detractors, calling them ‘mean’.

The comedian told GQ magazine that the people who disliked him were ‘completely irrelevant to me’.

He insisted his brand of humour was harder to get right than it looked, saying: “With regard to what I do… what I’d like to say to these people is, if it’s so easy, then why don’t you do it?

“Because I’m sorted. I have a great life. It’s going really well for me. The house is looking great. We go on really nice holidays.

“You can have some of that if it’s so… easy… doing impressions of what my jokes are… saying ‘Oh, I’m making toast!’ or whatever they do…

“Then do that and see (how far you get). So it obviously is hard. Because I struggle to do it. It’s not an easy comedy.”

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge branded other comics ‘mean’ for publicly criticising him.

He said: “It never crossed my mind even once that – especially as an outsider to the mainstream – that there would be any jealousies, or nastiness… I’ve always felt so unconnected to other comedians.”