Michael McIntyre is fast replacing Simon Cowell as TV’s Mr Nasty after making a nine-year-old comedian cry in his Britain’s Got Talent audition.

According to The Sun, during the Birmingham auditions for the new series of BGT, Michael buzzed young auditionee, David, after he said Harry Hill was his favourite comic.

Startled at the buzz, David tearfully said: “Oh blimey, I was about to say you were my favourite”.

Michael told him: “It was a joke – but it wasn’t one of my best”.

David, from Leicestershire, returned with a class act which prompted Michael to say: “I’m sorry. You’re a star in the making.”

Fellow judge David Hasselhoff added: “You are not only the best nine-year-old comedian I have ever seen, you are the best comedian. You belong on that stage. I’ve never seen anyone intimidate Michael like that. I love you for it.”

After the youngster left the stage, Michael said: “He had bought a one-way ticket to tears. I thought I was going to have to jump on that stage. The buzzer is so loud. I hope they edit that out. I don’t want to see him jumping out his skin.”