Piers Morgan told to look more glamorous

It’s not only girls that succumb to the pressures of Hollywood – Piers Morgan has apparently revealed his LA stylists are trying to make him more glamorous.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge – whose star is rising in the states after winning the US Celebrity Apprentice – is in Hollywood working on American version of the hit talent show. He says his hairdresser feels he needs a little help …

“It’s a constant battle. I have a hilarious gay hairdresser on America’s Got Talent who is determined to make me have highlights and actually bought me a highlighting kit for my birthday,” he is quoted as saying. “But, whatever it is, it’s not come out of the box and it’s not going to. I don’t even use conditioner in my hair.”

The 43-year-old tabloid-editor-turned-TV-judge also reportedly revealed he refuses to stick to a strict Hollywood diet.

He said: “The only reason I go to the gym is so that I can continue to eat and drink whatever the hell I like. My 6ft 7in Russian personal trainer, Alex, keeps trying to get me to drink these huge pots of green potions that should replace my lunch, but I keep explaining to him that it’s not going to happen, and I’m still going to have a Big Mac and large fries if I want!”

Catch Piers on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturdays on ITV1 at 7:45pm.

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