Prince Harry: ‘Is Piers really a prat?’

Amanda Holden has revealed Prince Harry has a low opinion of her fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan.

When the celebrity and the royal met after a comedy gala night to celebrate the Prince of Wales’ 60th birthday, the third in line to the throne reportedly asked her: “Is Piers Morgan really a prat?”

Amanda had performed at the We Are Most Amused event in front of Harry, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at the New Wimbledon Theatre in south London, and when interviewed for the latest edition of Heat magazine, she described meeting the royals backstage after the show.

She said: “Prince Harry came over and said to me, ‘Is Piers Morgan really a prat?’ I said, ‘You can’t say that but yes.’

“He even told me he records Britain’s Got Talent every week on Sky+.”

During the backstage meeting, Camilla joked with Amanda that Charles was not talented – something admitted by the heir to the throne.

Amanda said: “Charles came over to me and said, ‘Oh you do the show with the buzzers, don’t you?’ I said, ‘Yes, I didn’t even know you watched the telly.

“If you came on our show what would you do? Can you juggle?’ And Charles replied, ‘Oh no no, I can’t do anything.’ To which Camilla added, ‘Yes, I can vouch for that – he’s not talented’.”

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