Ready Steady Stavros!

Dance duo Stavros Flatley are cooking up a new storm in Ready Steady Cook on BBC2. Here dad Dimitri talks about their rivalry on the show and how life has been treating them since their success on Britain’s Got Talent.

How did you end up on the new series of Ready Steady Cook?

“We got a call to appear because of our ties to cooking – we used to own a family restaurant. It was one of the most exciting phone calls we’ve ever taken and we jumped at the chance. I think we said yes before they’d even finished asking the question!”

How did you get on with the professional cooks?

“I was paired up with Aldo Zilli while my son Lagi was partnered with Lesley Waters. The only bit of cooking I did was to chop an onion really quickly and professionally. I really tried to overdo the noise so the camera couldn’t miss it – but they still did!”

Were you and 13-year-old Lagi competitive with each other?

“Normally we’re not competitive but when I heard that the winner got to take home a plate I really wanted it. I can’t tell you who won but I’ll reveal that the plate is in our house!”

Did you bare your chest – even though it’s a cookery programme?

“We love to perform and did some dancing on the show. I don’t know what it had to do with cooking but to be honest you only have to ask us once and we’ll take our tops off and dance!”

You already know how to run a restaurant, would you consider opening a new celebrity one?

“We stopped the restaurant 10 years ago. The food was really bad but people kept coming back to see our cabaret act, which is how we got away with it. I’ll not be opening a celebrity restaurant – I was lucky I didn’t kill anyone one the first time round so I wouldn’t want to tempt fate!”

So you’ll stick to the dancing?

“To be honest the dancing has been a massive surprise. What started off as a bit of a joke has now ended up being a bit of a living. Everything since Britain’s Got Talent has been completely mad – like you wouldn’t believe!”

Stavros Flatley appear on Ready Steady Cook on November 24 at 4.30pm on BBC2