Real-life ‘Billy Elliot’ is a full-time carer

Britain’s Got Talent star Daniel Pirie is a full-time carer for his disabled mum, it has been revealed.

The 13-year-old was given an ovation on Saturday night’s edition of the show after his contemporary ballet act proved a hit with the judges and audience; Amanda Holden said he might prove to be the competition’s ‘Billy Elliot’.

Now mum Jackie, 37, who was paralysed from the waist down in 2004 after a domestic accident, has praised Daniel for filling the home-help role that would otherwise be beyond their means.

‘I can’t afford to have round-the-clock care, so I rely on Daniel and my 10-year-old daughter Hannah for so much,’ she told the Sunday Mirror. ‘They will help me get out of bed, organise, do the washing up, ironing, cleaning, everything really.

‘It breaks my heart, but we don’t really have much choice.’

The family live on state benefits after Jackie was forced to give up her job as a college lecturer following the accident. A charity pays for Daniel’s ballet lessons.

‘Daniel is so talented but there’s no way I can send him somewhere like the Royal Ballet unless he gets a sponsorship,’ she says.

Daniel will live to fight another day in the competition after being put through to the semi-finals by Amanda and fellow judges Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan on Saturday night. If he progresses, a sponsorship deal might not be so far away…