Shrek The Musical was a hit with the critics on the opening night of the West End show.

The stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning animated film stars Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden as fiery Princess Fiona and Nigel Lindsay as the green ogre Shrek.

Libby Purves wrote in the Times: “This is enchanting.” Giving the show four stars out of five, she added that Nigel “with his broad, bright green but affably human face and his trumpet ears, exudes a benign Falstaffian loveability”.

Comedian Richard Blackwood plays the loveable Donkey, while ex-EastEnders star Nigel Harman is in the role of evil Lord Farquaad.

The musical which opened at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, London, is based on the first movie of the four-film series.

Libby wrote about Amanda: “I entirely forgave her for being annoying on Britain’s Got Talent … she may not be a top musical-theatre voice, but she makes up for it in energy, physical wit and an heroic willingness to engage in an explicit belch-and-fart competition with Shrek.”

Nigel Harman, who spends the performance on his knees as the diminutive Farquaad, drew big laughs from the audience.

Quentin Letts echoed the praise for the Lord Farquaad actor, writing in the Daily Mail: “Nigel Harman nearly steals the show.”

Paul Taylor, who gave the show four stars in the Independent, wrote: “It looks likely that we are going to be clutching the all-green, all-singing ogre in a warm embrace for some time. What I love principally about the show… is its delightfully uncynical freshness of spirit.”

Before the show stars took to the green carpet to herald the official launch of the musical.

Celebrities including comics Michael McIntyre and Frank Skinner, rapper Chipmunk, and director Michael Winner, turned out.