Simon Cowell has shown he’s as competitive as ever by suggesting his Britain’s Got Talent co-judge David Walliams award for best talent show judge at the National TV Awards was dodgy.

Simon lost to David and told What’s on TV: “I feel [the vote] was rigged. I feel a bit like Al Gore, you know, when he lost to Bush [in the 2000 US Presidential election]. There might have to be a recount… I only had one nightmare scenario – of course it was that.”

Simon was bullish about Britain’s Got Talent and the future of TV talent shows.

When asked if they had a future, he said: “Yeah, 100 per cent. When the ratings are high, apart from sports they’re about the biggest rating shows in the country at the moment. But you know, they’re hard to make, people think they’re easy, but there won’t be many more talent shows coming on the market because they’re really expensive to make and certainly with the two I’ve got and The Voice and Dancing With the Stars, why would you need any more?”

So he has no new ideas up his sleeve? “Well, I have yeah!”

Watch Simon Cowell talk BGT and David Walliam’s NTA win, above.