Simon Cowell gets hypnotised by a dog!

Simon Cowell is normally the first judge to hit their buzzer when a dodgy act turns up on the Britain’s Got Talent stage.

So, in tonight’s show, Simon’s fellow judges Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliam are seriously worried when Mr Cowell turns into Mr Nice! 

Simon’s funny five minutes happens after he’s hypnotised by a dog. 

Hypno Dog – aka a German spitz named Princesss – and her owner Krystyna Lennon turn up at the audition to show the judges that the canine has the power to hypnotise folk just by looking into their eyes.

‘We’ve had instances at the wrong moment when she’s looked as someone and they have fallen out of their seat or gone to sleep so now we keep her out of the way until she’s needed,’ explains Krystyna.

Kyrstyna calls for volunteers from the audience and even ropes in Ant and Dec to take part. As they look into Hypno Dog’s eyes one by one, they are sent into a slumbering pile on the floor.

Before waking them up, Kystyna tells the volunteers that the number seven doesn’t exist so the volunteers are seriously confused when they try to count their fingers and come to eleven!

Unconvinced, Simon goes on stage to see if Hypno Dog can hypnotise him. At first it doesn’t seem to work, but when he returns to the judges’ desk, he starts yawning.

And it soon becomes clear that Hypno Dog has had some sort of effect on Simon when the judge says yes to the following two acts – 43-year-old dad Andy Davis, who screeches out Tragedy by The Bee Gees and Feng Xue from China who performs on mini skateboards to You Raise Me Up by Susan Boyle!

Find out if Simon comes out of his trance in tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent on ITV at 8.00pm.




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