Simon Cowell: ‘I made Cheryl a superstar’

Simon Cowell has insisted that he turned Cheryl Cole into a superstar.

The music mogul and Britain’s Got Talent judge said that he would work with the Call My Name singer and former X Factor star again “in a heartbeat”.

But he told GQ magazine: “To be honest with you, even though we went through that pretty horrible period, I could look Cheryl in the eye and say (that) what I did do for her in those two years really propelled her into a different league.”

Simon insisted that he and Cheryl “still have that connection” despite her axing from the US X Factor.

“That’s why we fell out so badly, because when you’re really, really close and you trust someone and you feel that person you trust has let you down – and she did feel that I had let her down – it hurts,” he said.

“It hurt me that she was upset, and I didn’t want that to happen… It all ended pretty badly, to be honest with you.”

Asked how he’d feel if Cheryl performed on BBC One show The Voice he said: “I honestly couldn’t care less. Why would that bother me?”