Simon Cowell was surprised by a blast from the past on American Idol – the woman with whom he shared his first kiss.

The American Idol judge was stunned during the Q&A session on Wednesday’s show when a British woman – identified only as Tara, 46, from Petaluma, California – called in and told the nationwide audience she’d been Simon’s first kiss, reports People magazine.

But the music mogul – who is dating model Terri Seymour – quickly recognised her voice and asked if she really was Tara Miller, whom he had kissed aged nine.

Tara, now Tara McDonald-Smith, told People: “He’d taken me to the bottom of his garden. It was very cute and it was very memorable. We were just kids. We didn’t know what we were doing! He was pretty forthcoming and said what he thought. He was not too different than he is today.

“I’d love to meet up with him. I seriously would. We were good friends and I think it would be great fun.”

The single mother – who has three sons – can’t remember who made the first move.

“Really, I can’t. In those days there was like three channels on the television, there were no computers. We used to play spin the bottle and I got him a lot of the time. It was all good.”