Stephanie Beacham’s Botox warning to Amanda

Stephanie Beacham has warned Amanda Holden about using Botox.

She told the Daily Mirror that although the Britain’s Got Talent star looks ‘fabulous’ after her cosmetic surgery, she needs to consider the impact on her young fans.

She gave this message to Amanda: “Think hard, you are a role model and I think it’s rather important what message you’re putting out.”

The Dynasty and Coronation Street star added: “Do you really want that message to be that you inject your forehead with poison from cows?”

Stephanie suffered a skin cancer scare and was offered ‘top-up’ cosmetic surgery during the successful procedure to remove it, but the star refused.

She said: “It saddened me that going under the knife could be offered so casually and I refused.”

The 62-year-old added: “I could never succumb to cosmetic surgery – I’m proud of the way I look.

“I may be a grandmother, but I feel fabulous.”

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