Britain’s Got Talent‘s raunchy stripper Fabia Cerra has threatened to quit the show after being deluged with hate mail, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that the 35-year-old – who wowed the judges on last Saturday’s show and made it through to the next round – called a radio station on Thursday night saying she was “mentally exhausted”.

However she phoned back the following day and said she had changed her mind and would continue with the show despite opposition to her performance.

“I’ve had a really turbulent week,” said the mum of one, who suffers from bipolar disorder.

“There’s a hate campaign, and I thought, ‘Did I want to sacrifice my mental health for the sake of a TV show?’

“But we also have a We Love Fabia campaign and I’m more interested in that.”

Around 40 irate viewers complained to ITV following Fabia’s performance, and media regulator Ofcom is currently examining the show to decide whether to take any further action.

However a spokesman for ITV said earlier in the week that the producers had given careful consideration over whether or not to screen the performance and had obscured “inappropriate detail”.