Susan Boyle says she has happily waved goodbye to her old life.

The Scottish singing sensation, who sold 10 million copies of her first album I Dreamed A Dream after finding fame on Britain’s Got Talent, told The Sun ‘things had come on in leaps and bounds’ in the last year.

SuBo says: “I don’t miss much about my old life because now I am really very happy and I can do more, I can see more people.”

The star, who became an overnight sensation after auditioning for the talent show, added: “I didn’t get out a lot. It has changed, but it’s changed for the best.

“If my mum could see me now she’d probably be really proud and say, ‘well done Susan because that’s what I meant you to do’.”

The singer, who received a £4 million royalty cheque on her 49th birthday, also broke her silence about the night an intruder broke into her Scottish home, saying ‘that scared the living daylights out of me’.

The singer revealed that her next album could feature 60s music, some jazz numbers and music written especially for her after her debut was essentially a covers album.

*Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV1 on Saturday.