Susan Boyle in doubt for BGT tour opener

Susan Boyle has apparently thrown the Britain’s Got Talent tour into chaos after failing to turn up to rehearsals.

The Scottish singer was supposed to be joining the other finalists from the ITV1 show on the tour’s opening night in Birmingham on Friday.

But Susan is believed to still be in negotiations over the launch show and after telling bosses that she did not want to rehearse on Tuesday, there are now doubts about whether she will appear on the night.

Susan, who recently left The Priory clinic after suffering emotional exhaustion, is believed to have said she only wants to perform at a handful of the scheduled 23 UK tour venues to save her voice for her debut album.

A Britain’s Got Talent source told The Sun: “No one knows quite what Susan wants to do.

“We’re leaving everything up to her, to make sure that she’s happy and well. But the problem is that she changes her mind every two minutes.”

The paper also claimed that Simon Cowell has rented a £2 million flat for Susan, 48, and her cat Pebbles, to stay in for five weeks – while the other acts on the tour stay in hotels.

A limousine will apparently ferry Susan, of Blackburn, West Lothian, to tour dates and back to the converted North London convent whenever possible.

Simon has vowed to take care of Susan, who’s poised to make £8 million in Britain and in the US.

A source said: “Simon is looking after his prize possession. No expense will be spared to make sure she’s happy and well enough to perform.”

Susan’s spokeswoman said on Wednesday that she was due to rehearse on Thursday. She added: “She is eager to do the tour.”

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