Susan Boyle still at Priory after ‘anxiety attack’

Susan Boyle is continuing to recuperate at the Priory clinic as Britain’s Got Talent‘s judges deflect criticism that she was ill-prepared for worldwide fame.

The 48-year-old Scottish singer came second in Saturday’s final, behind dance act Diversity.

Producers became concerned after the show when she reportedly began acting strangely, and on Sunday night Susan was taken to the Priory, in north London, after doctors were consulted.

Her brother Gerry said she’d suffered an anxiety attack.

In interviews on Monday, BGT judges Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden said it may have been a good thing that Susan lost the final.

Piers said he was glad she would now have time to rest and recover after weeks of intense media scrutiny, while Amanda said it was a blessing Susan had been beaten by Diversity.

Speaking on US TV channel CBS, Amanda said: “I think it’s taken its toll on her, she’s gone from a woman that nobody knew to worldwide fame. For anybody in the business to handle that kind of stress is an enormous amount of pressure. I think she probably just crumbled under it.”

Piers told Sky News Susan’s dream had always been to win a recording contract rather than the show and he was confident she would achieve that.

“Probably it’s a good thing all round that Susan actually didn’t win, and has a chance now to be slightly under the radar for a while and let Diversity bask in the glory of their great triumph. I would hate their glory… to be overshadowed by what is a sad thing for Susan, but not a very serious matter – she’s just exhausted and needs some rest.”

TalkbackThames, which produces Britain’s Got Talent, said Susan was ‘exhausted and emotionally drained’ and was being offered ‘ongoing support’.

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