Susan Boyle was ‘incredible’, says Paul Potts

Former Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts has said that he believes Susan Boyle will follow in his footsteps and achieve worldwide fame.

The opera singer – who won the first series of the ITV1 show – told The Sun that he thought Susan’s performance of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables was “incredible”.

“I think she may well find herself going to places she has never been,” Potts said from Australia, where he is currently on tour.

“I now find myself going to places I never dreamed of.”

Paul also praised the way that 47-year-old Susan, from West Lothian in Scotland, is dealing with her overnight stardom.

“I would like to say how well I think Susan is managing the changes that have happened. I really do wish her well. She stands a great chance of winning,” he said.

Like Susan, Paul’s performance on the show became a Youtube hit. He has gone on to earn around £6m since winning the series.

Meanwhile, Susan admitted to The Sun that she had never even heard of YouTube despite her performance being viewed on the site over 34 million times in the past week.

“It’s all new to me, this internet business,” she said. “I”d never heard of YouTube but that’s all everyone is talking about. I suppose I’ll have to get it to keep up.

“I’m not sure how it all works but it seems to get my singing out to millions. Now I keep getting offers to go on TV and radio shows all over the world. I never thought it would happen.”

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