Britain’s Got Talent‘s judging panel have issued an apology to show sensation Susan Boyle after admitting they were embarrassed for her at the auditions.

Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden told the Mirror that they thought 47-year-old Susan was “scruffy” and would instantly be buzzed off stage.

“It’s a very shallow thing to say, but obviously the minute she walked on we and the audience completely judged her on her appearance,” Amanda said.

“And I hate saying that. The audience was jeering and booing and it was really uncomfortable. And we were ‘Oh, just please be good or just get off’.
We were so dying for her.”

Piers added, “I would just like to apologise to Susan, it’s long overdue. Simon Cowell and I don’t have the best reputations, I think, for courtesy.

“We were all laughing at her when she started but she had the last laugh. It was an amazing performance.”

However, the pair said that they didn’t want Susan, from West Lothian in Scotland, to win the series – as they don’t want a singer to take the prize this year.

“Right from the start this year I said I want a dance troupe to win,” Amanda said.

“I remember growing up and watching Legs and Co and Hot Gossip. We don’t seem to have anyone like that these days.”

Simon Cowell, however, told the paper he is not bothered who wins. “As long as the public wants them to win, that is all that matters,” he said.

Meanwhile Susan, who claims never to have been kissed or been on a date, may finally have the chance to enjoy a romantic evening out – with Piers Morgan.

“I’m a chivalrous kind of guy,” he told The Sun. I read that I had become the object of Susan’s desires and that she would like nothing more than to break her kissing duck with me.

“So I’ve decided to extend an invitation to take her out for a meal. A very romantic restaurant with roses, fine wine and glamorous waiters. So Susan, I’m available.”