The Hoff says life got better after YouTube clip

David Hasselhoff says the infamous leaked video of him lying shirtless and drunk on the floor, trying to eat a cheeseburger, was a good thing.

The Baywatch star’s daughter Taylor, 20, shot the footage and can be heard begging her father to stop drinking, but The Hoff claims it has brought him closer to Taylor and his other daughter Hayley, 18.

The Hoff, 58, told The Sun: “The best part about it was what it did for my children.

“So many children called and said that their mum and dad are just like that. They asked, ‘What do we do?’

“It gave my children a great place to say, ‘Hey, you just love them because we love my dad more than anything and it brought us closer to each other’. And in the end it’s a video. Who cares, you know? I am still here.

“In the end a lot of people who saw that video laughed at it; most of the people that saw that video see themselves.”

The new Britain’s Got Talent judge insisted he has learned from his mistakes.

He said: “I learned that it means more to me to shake a little boy’s hand than to worry about anything that’s ever printed about me or the fact that my marriage wasn’t successful.

“I can sit back and I am sure we could all say, ‘Yeah, well I regret, I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have drank that, I shouldn’t have gone there, I don’t remember that…’

“Sure, we all have regrets but in the end, without those, it’s like the song – without hurt the heart is hollow, because if everything comes to you so easily then you don’t appreciate it.”

Watch David in the infamous video: