Tongue-tied singer Alex dominates BGT

A tongue-tied singer and a Dutch dance duo were among the acts who wowed the judges as Britain’s Got Talent entered its fourth week of auditions.

With the BGT competition hotting up, student Alex Keirl, 20, left the panel spellbound with his powerful rendition of Bring Him Home from the musical Les Miserables.

And David Walliams summed up the thoughts of the entire room when he said: “That was so beautiful…you have a stunning voice. I hope you can go all the way in this competition.”

Alesha Dixon added: “You’ve got an ethereal quality to your voice, and you pitched that beautifully.”

Elsewhere, in an evening dominated by dance acts – some better than others – Dutch duo Martin and Marielle stood out from the pack.

“It was dangerous, thrilling, exciting – you’re just mesmerising to watch,” Alesha Dixon told the pair.

Simon summed it up more succinctly: “That’s one of the best things we’ve ever had on this show.”

Mancunian quintet Shockarellas also went down well, with Alesha Dixon saying: “You look like a ready made girl group and you’re dancing like professional dancers,” and David Walliams jokingly calling the performance “sick”.

And there was a surprise for the judges as DJ MckNasty – brother of chart-topping rapper Labrinth – showed off his DJ-ing and drumming skills to a medley of songs.

“I thought that was wicked,” Amanda Holden said – and Simon added: “I think your brother’s going to be really proud of you.”

Meanwhile, drag act Bosom Buddies left Simon Cowell speechless when, having expressed a note of doubt about their outfits, they delivered a note-perfect, high-pitched rendition of La Vie En Rose.

“What we thought was going to be a pantomime dame act turned into something beautiful and rather moving,” David Walliams said while Simon Cowell admitted: “I’m still struggling a little bit with this…it was like Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham separating away from the Spice Girls and doing a duet.”

Others making their mark included fitness instructor Scott Whitley, who brought the house down with his ‘funkicise’ routine – which co-starred Ant and Dec, and El Lurchio, whose act involved pulling a hefty truckload of people while holding a sword in his mouth.

However teenage juggler Thomas Bounce divided the judges – with Simon Cowell unconvinced by his quirky ball skills.

“As much as I think you’re talented I wouldn’t want to see this again,” he told him – but others were more impressed.

“I wanted to say I expected to find it boring and I didn’t,” Amanda said.

Eventually Thomas made it through to the next round after pressure from both David and the audience prompted her to change her mind over her vote.

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