Youngsters shine as Britain’s Got Talent continues

A host of young acts made their mark on Britain’s Got Talent this weekend, as the fifth show in the series showcased auditions from London and Blackpool.

Among those impressing the judges was 12-year-old Lauren Thalia, whose acoustic rendition of Turn My Swag On won her a place in the next round – and some praise from the panel.

“You’re a little angel,” David Walliams told her, “I like that you’re like a small Alanis Morissette – I loved it.”

“I like it when kids your age choose the song,” Simon Cowell added, “because you’re posh and you talk about swag it’s even better!”

Another 12-year-old, pianist Michael Ng, also won himself a place in the next round thanks to his piano skills. “You are a brilliant piano player,” Simon told him.

Also faring well were the trio Loveable Rogues, who won over both the judges and the audience with their self-penned track Lovesick – featuring two of their members on guitar and ukelele.

“I liked you from the minute you walked on stage, because your personalities are just shining in abundance,” Alesha Dixon said, while David added, “If you brought out an album tomorrow I would buy it.”

And teenage dance duo Kai and Natalia – aged 16 and 15 – wowed the judges with a feisty routine which at one point saw Natalie whip off her skirt to reveal a leotard.

“I think there is this perception with ballroom that it’s stuffy and old and actually what you did there was really modern and fresh,” Alesha said, while Amanda Holden added, “It was brilliant, your footwork was perfect.”

Others who did well on Saturday night included French dance troupe Cascade and Canvey Island-based dancers Karizma, who made it through in spite of a no from Simon Cowell.

Amateur impressionist Marea Smithson also won a place in the next round with her comical impersonations of Anne Robinson, Anne Widdicombe and several Coronation Street characters.

“It was a lovely surprise,” Amanda told her, “I wasn’t expecting you to be as good as you were.”

And the judges couldn’t resist Colombian-born singer Chica Latina and her rendition of River Deep Mountain High.

David told the 43-year-old, “We have found a new diva,”, while Alesha said, “You’re feisty, you’ve got a right old fire inside you and we felt it.”