Claire Cooper lauds Hollyoaks rape trial (VIDEO)

Hollyoaks star Claire Cooper believes Hollyoaks broke new ground with the rape case involving her character Jacqui McQueen being tried by a real jury.

Last month 12 members of the public decided the outcome of the case in which Gilly stood accused of her rape in February. He was found not guilty.

Claire told at the British Soap Awards: “I think we handled it really, really well. We did something that no one has ever done. We interacted with the audience. They got to choose the outcome.

“Was I happy about the outcome? It’s difficult to say because the outcome for Jacqui wasn’t what she wanted, but certainly the audience made its choice. There wasn’t enough evidence, which reflects society…”

Claire was a nominee in the best actress category of the British Soap Awards, which screen on ITV1 on Wednesday evening.

Watch the interview with Claire Cooper:

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