Ex-EastEnder Joe: ‘I think Corrie might edge Best Soap!’

Ex-EastEnder and I’m A Celebrity… winner Joe Swash, who will report from the British Soap Awards: The Party (ITV2, Sunday), tells us who he thinks might walk away with a prize… 

It’s been an excellent year for soaps. Who do you think will win?
“I’m a massive soap fan, I watch all of them! It’s been a really good year. My highlights have been the fire in Corrie, that was so good. Derek’s death in EastEnders was unforgettable, too. All the big five soaps —Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Doctors and Hollyoaks — have been great, but I think Corrie might edge it as Best Soap this year.”

How serious is the rivalry between Coronation Street and EastEnders when it comes to the soap awards?
“It’s just really good banter and fun, honestly! I know from my time in EastEnders everyone gets on with each other. There’s no real rivalry. It’s a great excuse to get all the soap actors together and have a knees-up!”

You’re presenting backstage again at this year’s British Soap Awards. What can we expect?
“Our after-party show is a great chance to see soap stars and celebrities relaxing and having fun after the awards. You get to see them as they really are when they let their hair down. They also usually have a few drinks, so they open up a bit more than normal!”

Do you hope someone might get a bit tipsy and do something unexpected?
“Definitely! There’s always something going on. Last year someone tried to take my sock off and suck my toe! I’m worried that could be topped!”

What do you miss about playing Mickey Miller on EastEnders?
“I miss the camaraderie and the team, the feeling you’re all in it together. My family were really proud when I joined the show. I love meeting EastEnders’ fans, too, as they’re really nice. The lovely thing about the Party Show is the connection with the soap world. I try to keep up with people, but they’re busy and I’m busy, so this is the perfect occasion to catch up with each other.”

Will you get a chance to unwind at the party or is it all work, no play?
“It’s hard working at the after party because you feel like you should be partying, but you can’t because you’re working. Once we finish and the cameras are off, however, I’m in there in the middle of the fun!”


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