Fern Britton: ‘I’d like to seduce Ken Barlow’

Fern Britton has revealed her ideal soap role would be playing Ken Barlow’s mistress.

The This Morning presenter – who will co-host the British Soap Awards on Saturday May 3 with Phillip Schofield – confessed that her soap fantasy would be to live in Coronation Street and seducing the stuffy old teacher.

Fern said: “It’s no secret I’m very fond of Coronation Street and so I think I’d like to move in with Ken and Deirdre.

“Perhaps I’m a visiting salesman and my hotel was overbooked and they kindly let me stay for the night and I try to seduce Ken of course!”

The voluptuous TV presenter also revealed she has no plans to out-do Holly Willoughby – who co-hosted Dancing On Ice with Phillip – by wearing a revealing dress to the awards.

She said: “If I was as youthful and had such gravity-defying bosoms as Holly I would be doing that, but I shall leave that to Holly as she’s gorgeous.

“I’m not wearing anything that’s too plunging but it’s a very nice dress with a lot of sequins on it.”

The British Soap Awards will be shown on Wednesday at 8pm on ITV1.

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