Phillip Schofield will still host Saturday’s British Soap Awards 2008 – despite being left grief-stricken by the death of his father this week.

Schofield, who co-presents This Morning with Fern Britton, had taken time off from the show this week to be at the bedside of Brian Schofield, who died on Thursday.

The 72-year-old had been battling heart disease for some time.

“It has been the longest, toughest, saddest week of our lives, made more heartbreaking because we are such a close family,” Schofield told The Sun.

“If I can be half the man he was I’ll consider that an achievement.”

And he added that he insisted on hosting the glitzy awards bash – along with Britton – because his father “would have wanted me to carry on”.

Brian had had a long history of ill-health and Phillip saved his life when he had a massive heart attack in 1981.

“I managed to bring him back to life more than 25 years ago,” he said, “so he not only borrowed time, he stole it. In those years he saw his grandchildren grow up and shared countless wonderful times with us all.”

The British Soap Awards 2008 will take place at BBC TV Centre in West London on Saturday night and will be screened on ITV1 on Wednesday at 8pm.