Call the Midwife’s Helen George: ‘Trixie finally gets a man in uniform!’

Love is in the air in Call the Midwife for nurse Trixie and Reverend Tom, reveals Helen George, who plays her…

“Trixie finally gets her man in uniform! Although a man of the cloth isn’t someone who’d usually catch her eye,” laughs Helen George, who plays the East End’s blonde bombshell.

“At first she was put off because she doesn’t see herself with a vicar. It’s the other girls who talk her into it really, and eventually she starts to see there could be something between them.”

But the road to true love is bumpy, and the couple’s first date turns into a disaster when they end up being chaperoned by Poplar’s boisterous cub scouts!

“The date goes really badly. Tom and Trixie butt heads and don’t really understand each other at all!” says Helen, who recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary to actor husband, Oliver Boot.

The pair met while working on the set of Hotel Babylon and married in December 2012.

Helen says she enjoyed Trixie and Tom’s first date more than her character did: “It was fun to film on a bus with 20 naughty cubs and a pile of fake vomit!”

Watch Call the Midwife on Sunday at 8pm on BBC1 to find out if the couple have any hope of making it to a second date!


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