On the set of Call the Midwife earlier this year Pam Ferris provided an invaluable tip for a hassle-free Christmas.

The star who plays no-nonsense Sister Evangelina told What’s on TV: “I think Christmas is horribly stressful for women, and I’ve made a real effort in my life to say ‘a good enough Christmas is good enough.’ Since I stopped trying to make it perfect my Christmases are so much better. The food is better, and if I’m too busy to get the decorations up, well, that’s OK!”

In this Christmas’s Call the Midwife Sister Evangelina keeps a level head, when the community of Poplar is thrown into chaos, due to the discovery of an unexploded bomb.

“Sister Evangelina’s military background comes out during the emergency. She’s a lot grumpier than usual. She’s in her element!” laughs Pam, who also starred in Connie, The Darling Buds of May, Matilda, and Luther.

She adds: “It’s such an honour to do a Christmas special because it’s a very special time of year. I’m lucky I get Christmas twice a year. Although we usually film in June on the hottest days of the year, when I’m wearing a heavy headdress, policeman’s cloak and scarf!”

Call The Midwife screens on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 6.15pm.