Call The Midwife’s Jenny – rising star Jessica Raine – talks to TV Times magazine about the role that’s making her a household name…

Call The Midwife has received some amazing reviews and viewing figures, Jessica!
“I’ve not read any reviews, but I’ve heard the viewing figures are incredible. I’m thrilled.”

Were you expecting the show to be such a big hit?
“I always knew it was really good quality drama, but sometimes things just don’t catch the public’s attention.”

Why do you think Call The Midwife has become such a big show?
“It’s set in a really interesting time in history and for a lot of people 1957 is within memory. Things were on the cusp of change – the Pill was about to come in but beforehand families were having dozens of children. Also, the series does lull you into a false sense of security. There are some lovely aspects of it being set in the Fifties, but things happen that are very contemporary as well.”

And a second series is already on the way, too!
“It’s brilliant news that a second series has been commissioned and a lovely tribute to Jennifer’s work.”

The storylines are certainly resonating with people…
“We were all treading a very fine line, and in the wrong hands it could have slipped into sentimental Sunday night drama, but there are so many stories that break your heart and I think that’s why it strikes a chord.”

And what about those fabulous costumes!
“They are amazing. I love anything with a synched-in waist! In episode one I wore a real vintage suit, which fitted me like a glove and then when Jenny went to the dance I had a beautiful yellow dress and I felt like a million dollars.”

How are you adjusting to your new-found fame?
“I do keep my head down on the train into work now. I’ll just have to carry a book with me and hide behind it everywhere I go!”