Call The Midwife actress Helen George has revealed she got a vital lesson from co-star Pam Ferris while filming.

The actress plays young midwife Trixie in the new series about midwives in 1950s London, while Darling Buds Of May star Pam plays Sister Evangelina.

Helen revealed she was nervous about meeting Pam and other co-stars Jenny Agutter and Judy Parfitt, but that they soon put her at ease.

She said: “Pam was very good at explaining who does what behind the camera, because when you’re launched on to a set you’re never really sure what that guy in the corner’s doing.

“So she was very kind with me and talked me though it all… It was a necessary lesson that I’m pleased I had from Pam Ferris.”

Helen added that she and her other young co-stars enjoyed listening to the all the old pros’ stories.

She said: “It was a little scary, but then we had all these scenes where we sit around the dining table and eat cake and pilchards and we used to listen to all their stories of all the fantastic actors they’ve worked with and their time in Hollywood and we were just sitting there going, ‘This is amazing!'”