Parents thank Miranda for boosting daughters

Miranda Hart has revealed parents approach her in public to thank her for making their daughters feel better about life.

The comedian and actress stars in hit BBC sitcom Miranda, in which she plays an exaggerated version of herself, a klutzy joke shop owner who is unlucky in love and life and always embarrassing herself.

Miranda said: “A lot of parents come up to me and say, ‘Thank you. Since watching your sitcom my daughter feels better about herself. She says, ‘At least I’m not as bad as Miranda – I can relax about my life!’

“That’s a real compliment.”

Reflecting on the shows popularity, the 39-year-old actress said: “It’s very hard to be objective about it, but I think it works because everyone feels an idiot at times.

“Some people feel that all the time, and others just occasionally. But all viewers identify with that faltering attempt to deal with life.

“We often fail and try to cover it up, and some people are better at covering it up than others.”

Now Miranda has written a book, Is It Just Me? reassuring her 13-year-old self about life.

She said: “It’s the concept of talking to my younger self. Since my sitcom has done well, I’ve often thought, ‘Imagine what my 13-year-old self would think about what has happened to me!'”

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