4 major reveals in the new Casualty trailer!

High-octane stunts, strong storylines and stronger characters. Casualty’s new Summer trailer reveals an action-packed future for the medical drama

Summer’s officially here for Casualty fans – the BBC1 BAFTA-winning medical drama has unleashed its hot new Casualty trailer! We cast an expert eye over the exciting, action-packed trailer and here’s what we deduced…

Here we reveal four must-see moments from the new Casualty trailer

The Year of the Paramedic has officially arrived

More explosive stunts is great news for viewers. We’re not sure how the cast feels!

Not so long ago we talked to Charlotte Salt, who plays Holby paramedic Sam Nicholls, about Casualty’s Year of the Paramedic. The newly released trailer backs up everything insiders have been telling us about the direction Casualty is going in when the new series kicks off later this year.

Highlights from the trailer include doors being smashed in; multiple car crashes; a man on fire; and an ambulance overturning in what looks like a violent accident involving favourite characters…

Alicia’s devastating assault storyline develops in heart-breaking ways

Junior doctor Bea is by Alicia’s side, as she attempts to come to terms with her assault ordeal

Doctors Alicia Munroe and Eddie McAllister’s sexual assault storyline has everyone talking recently. As of yet viewers haven’t seen what happened after Eddie and Alicia left the pub arm-in-arm. Eddie asserts it was a consensual one-night stand, while Alicia is clearly traumatised by what happened. Talking to What’s on TV recently Chelsea Halfpenny, who plays Alicia, revealed the storyline will be explored further in flashback.

Highlights from the trailer include fragile Alicia confiding in friend and flatmate Bea Kinsella; Alicia attempting to run away from her pain; overwhelmed Alicia slapping Bea publicly in the ED; Alicia deciding she won’t go to the police – partly because she doesn’t want to ruin Eddie’s career; And finally, with Bea’s help and support, Alicia vowing ‘we have to fight this.’

EastEnders’ Maddy Hill is in for a rough time as new paramedic Ruby Sparks

Are Jan, Sam and Iain ready for nervous, new recruit Ruby Sparks?

While the addition of EastEnders star Maddy Hills to Casualty isn’t news, the fact she’s at the centre of major storylines is!

Maddy is front and centre in the new trailer as freshly qualified paramedic Ruby Sparks. It looks like Ruby is massively out of her depth, alienates her colleagues and is involved in some heavy storylines about treating patients on the frontlines of the NHS.

Highlights from the trailer include Ruby’s presence in the ambulance as it overturns; being violently punched in the face by someone she’s treating; Ruby coming into conflict with colleagues Iain and Sam; paramedic boss Jan Jenning considering moving Ruby on; And Ruby leaving the ED in tears after a sharp dressing down from doctor Dylan Keogh.


Teamwork and friendship at the heart of Holby ED

Is love finally in hand for Gem and Rash?

Another aspect of Casualty’s Summer trailer is a strong emphasis on teamwork and unlikely friendships. Highlights include clinical lead Connie Beauchamp and consultant Elle Gardner putting aside their deep-rooted differences and forming a friendship; Bea’s unwavering support of Alicia; paramedic boss Jan Jenning being a tower of strength for her team; sizzling snogs between nurse Jacob Masters and Sam Nicholls; Louise and Robyn taking on the parking fine company; Rash and Gem’s romance developing; and Connie’s trauma centre getting a grand opening!

Please note: Casualty’s Summer trailer also contains scenes of a kebab being ruthlessly discarded, to paramedic Iain Dean’s horror!


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