The new series of Casualty started with a bang last week when new junior doctor Heather (Georgia Moffett) was killed in an explosion. Tristan Gemmill tells us about the show’s sensational new style…

The new look is amazing!
“Thanks. I think every series they try and keep it familiar to viewers but try and throw in something new. They’ve done something unexpected this year. I love the fact nobody expected Heather to be killed off.”

Did you enjoy doing all the stunts?
“I loved doing it. Normally playing a doctor you don’t get out and about on location much so it was great fun to do all the big stuff with the explosions and fire. It brought back memories of London’s Burning for me – a lot of the guys who did the stunts and the pyrotechnics worked on that show, too.”

The aftermath of Heather’s death hits Adam hard – it’s not a good start for his new job…
“He didn’t see it coming at all. He took her out on the field thinking that it was just going to be a routine job. He didn’t foresee any danger. He thought she’d learn a thing or two and then return back and be fine. It wasn’t Adam’s fault, but he exposed a new doctor to risk and that’s the thing that burns on his conscience and messes him up for quite a while.”

Does he feel responsible?
“Yeah. While he couldn’t have predicted it, it was on his watch. When you’re the boss you have to carry the can. The buck stops with him.”

How does this make him feel about the new job?
“It doesn’t help him! He always thought of himself as great at the people side of the job, and the medicine. The side that he’s less good at is the admin, the budgets – his strength was always with people. But now it’s his people management that’s been questioned. He wanted to show Heather what life in the job is like and it backfired. As the episodes go on he starts wondering why he took the job on.”

How does all this affect his relationship with Jessica?
“Well, it has never been an easy one has it? There are plenty of troubles on the horizon. They have a child, and he has to juggle being a step-dad too. Her ex Sean is back on the scene – he’s a thorn in their side. He needs her more than ever before but the question is whether they can make it work.”

So it’s no happy ever after for them?
“There are lots of cracks beginning to show – the road ahead isn’t smooth, let’s put it that way.”

How are you still enjoying doing the show?
“I’ve just done two years and I’m loving it. I love the fact we have constant guest stars coming in and you feed off that. It’s not like EastEnders where it’s the same people over and over again. It’s an important ingredient for the show. The new look is great, too – I can’t wait to see what people think of it.”